Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation|Review

Catrice-HD-Liquid-Coverage-Foundation.jpCatrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundationeg

You all know I love my budget friendly brands so I was super excited to try out the new HD Liquid Coverage Foundation from Catrice. I’m always so impressed with the quality of their products so I had really high hopes for this and sure enough they didn’t disappoint. Oh and did I mention it’s only €7.95! 

How I conceal my dark circles


Dark circles are one of those beauty imperfections that so many of us find really hard to cover up or at least reduce. Unfortunately for me I was blessed with dark circles that are hereditary and up to now have never really found anything that does the job at covering up. 

No matter how much water I drink or sleep I get, nothing seems to make a difference but I will say, a lacking in both will make them look worse.

Humand + Kind Skincare Review


We were greeted with prosecco and canapés and minggled for a little bit before sat down to hear all about the skincare brand.

It was my first time hearing about Human + Kind so I was really excited to learn they’re cruelty free and only use natural ingredients in their products at affordable prices. You would be very surprised how expensive natural based beauty products can be, but lucky for you guy’s I got you covered with 50% of discount code

Hotel Review|citizenM Bankside


I’ve been meaning to get back at blogging but have been so busy the past few weeks. Anyway a few weeks ago I was away in London for a long weekend celebrating my birthday with my twinie.

It was such an amazing trip and I can honestly say I had one of the best birthdays in a long time. I love London especially this time of year the lights are so pretty and you really get into the Christmas spirit.

I’m a creature of habit and each time I visit this beautiful city I always stay in the same hotel so I thought it would be appropriate to write a short review on my stay in my favorite hotel in Bankside.