Review|Sleek Makeup Cream Contour Kit

Contouring on a budget 



“The next generation of contouring has arrived!” Sleek makeup has released a brand new Cream Contour Kit! (Yass!)

If your new to the contouring world but would like try out the technique then this is the dream product for you. Not only is it a steal at €13.99 but it comes with “The ultimate Contouring guide” that breaks down each step to help you achieve those sought after Kardashian cheekbones (swoon!)

The compact kit comes in three shades: light, medium and dark with six really pigmented creams, two highlights and four contouring shades that blend together seamlessly onto the skin for a flawless fade-proof finish.





Step 1:  Apply foundation to the face to help create a base for your contour. 

Step 2:  Apply shade 1 with a blending brush underneath the eye in an upside down triangular shape to brighten the area.

Step 3:  Apply shade 5 from the top of the forehead down to the top  of the temples.

Step 4:  Use shade 4 down each side of the nose, this will help create a shadow to give the effect of a slimmer nose. 

Step 5:  Apply shade 3 along the top of the cheekbones to highlight.

Step 6:  Apply shade 2 on the center of the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, on the cupid’s bow and across the chin. 

Step 7:  Using a beauty blender, blend the highlight & contour by using a pressing motion to let the product blend  into the skin. Set the highlight with translucent powder and bronzer in the areas you contoured. 

I finished the look with a bronzed smokey eye and a liquid eye line flick to compliment the look.

Thanks for dropping by,

Orla ♥ 


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