Cara Rescue Puppy


My Rescue Puppy

Rina is a 10 month old Lab/Satffordshire terrier cross. She loves chasing sticks, doggie treats and stealing socks from the laundry basket. She also helps dad hire designers@ Sketch Labs . Oh and she also has her own Instagram account! Follow her @Rina & Mya for some major cuteness.

Our Story

My boyfriend and I are huge animal lovers and have always wanted to get a dog together. When that time finally came it was a very easy decision  for us to adopt  and rescue a doggie in need. After scrolling the internet for adoption agencies we stumbled across Cara rescue dogs and found Rina. She was only 15 weeks old when we met her and straight away we fell in love with her quirky personality and lovable nature. the process was very simple we filled out an application form online and received a call from Rina’s foster parent Jenny a few days later to arrange a house visit to make sure we were a suitable match.

Jenny really made it a very memorable and personal experience for us and was always there for any questions or concerns we had as new dog owners. Cara rescue also has a group Facebook page forever homes where people can share their adoption stories, put up pictures and keep in touch with the foster parents, we even found Rina’s brother! It’s such a great little community and for us it was a complete lifestyle change and  made us be a bit more social. Going to the local park for walks, meeting the neighbours and getting up early for her 8:30am feed, it’s like having a little baby!


About Cara Rescue

Cara Rescue Dogs is a voluntary community group formed by a small group of people in 2011. This small group of animal lovers have re-homed over 800 unwanted and abandoned dogs since they started and work tirelessly in an effort to prevent animal cruelty. No dog goes unnoticed, they take unwanted, stray, neglected dogs and pups into their care and provide them with foster homes until permanent ‘forever homes’ can be secured. All steps possible are taken to ensure that the particular dog is a good fit for the adopting family taking into consideration children, other animals, space etc.

Cara Rescue Dogs also provide short-term care to dogs who have been ‘found’ in the area until such time as they can be reunited with their owners.When space allows within the foster home network Cara work alongside dog pounds to take dogs into their care for re-homing.

All dogs will be fully vaccinated, wormed, micro-chipped, spayed /neutered (once 6 months) and in good health before being placed in a ‘forever home’. A ‘Home Check’ will be carried out prior to placement of any dog to ensure a safe environment, fully enclosed garden etc.

A charge of €120 will apply which will make a contribution towards the cost of general care and  veterinary care / procedures carried out whilst in the care of Cara Rescue Dogs. A fee of €80 will apply for puppies (under the age of 6 months) as they will not have been neutered at the time of adoption. Please note that as part of the adoption contract, all puppies must be neutered once they reach 6 months of age. You will be required to provide evidence of same.

Once an adoption has been agreed a contract will be signed between the adoptive family and Cara which clearly states  that should the adoption not work  out the dog will be returned to the care of Cara Rescue Dogs. Every assistance will be provided by Cara Rescue Dogs to ensure a smooth transition from their care to the ‘forever home’ during the settling in period.

*Cara Rescue Dogs is a 1oo% voluntary run non-profit organisation and therefore relies heavily on donations.  Please give what you can to enable Cara Rescue Dogs to continue this vital work.


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