Review: Karora Tan

I was kindly given two Karora tanning products recently to try out and I have to say straight away I was really impressed. The packaging really looks like a luxurious product but thankfully without the price tag. Personally I love false tan and instantly feel more confident when I have it on however I can’t stand really orange based tanning products that leave you looking tangoed! (Yikes!)

The good news is, Karora tan is made with a lot of goodness that will leave you with a naturally bronzed tan.

So whats in it?

“A botanical moisturising injection of aloe, acai berry, green tea, argan and bergamot oil so skin is instantly renewed while the sumptuous and rich blend of essential oils like rosemary leaf, lemon and grapefruit oil leave skin delicately scented and citrus fresh, KARORA products contain no artificial fragrances, chemicals or dyes and are free from all nasties so they are suitable for even the most sensitive skin.”

Sounds good right?

If you’re looking to get your skin summer ready but still want to keep it hydrated and healthy looking this is a great option as it does all that in one. Another thing I found really good was how quick it develops depending on how dark you prefer your tan. If you’re just looking for a sun-kissed glow then you can be ready to go just after one hour of tanning. I prefer a slightly darker tan so I left mine on for 3 hours to get a deeper one.

2016-06-28 18.01.48

Karora Instant Tan € 22.50 Buy here

I actually got to try out the instant tan last year when I was on holiday in Ibiza (I’m wearing it in the picture). I really loved the golden shimmer it had and it was a perfect go to tan for me as I was feeling extra pale that day, especially when wearing white! The only thing I would say is that it takes a lot of blending to get it looking right but I loved the way it turned out and I think it looks well in the picture (even if I do say so myself). This tan is so handy for holidays or even a glam night out with the girls and the great thing is that you can use it on face and body. Even though it’s a wash off tan it’s also water resistant so it will hold up fine if somebody accidentally spills their drink on you at the bar or if your feeling the heat on the dance floor!

Top Tips: Always remember to exfoliate before tanning and to use a light moisturizer a few hours before. To avoid streaking on your hands and feet, leave applying the tan until last and use a small amount of tan directly onto a baby wipe – it absorbs excess color so you can gently glide and blend tan onto backs of hands, feet and ankles.

I always tan my face as I feel it gives a more natural appearance and makes it easier to blend when applying your foundation. (I use a foundation brush to apply tan on my face). If you have sensitive skin and are prone to breakout,  try splashing your face with cold water to close your pores and pat dry before applying tan. Use an oil free moisturizer too on a daily basis to help keep your skin hydrated and to allow the tan fade naturally.


Express Bronzing Mousse Price €36 Buy Here

I hope you guys liked this review, 

Orla ♥ 



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