How I conceal my dark circles

Dark circles are one of those beauty imperfections that so many of us find really hard to cover up or at least reduce. Unfortunately for me I was blessed with dark circles that are hereditary and up to now have never really found anything that does the job at covering up. 

No matter how much water I drink or sleep I get, nothing seems to make a difference but I will say, a lacking in both will make them look worse.

After watching what seemed like hundreds of Youtube videos and scrolling throughplenty of blog reviews, I finally came across a few tips that can make a huge difference.

Step One

Before I apply any makeup I like to moisturize and allow it to sink into my skin to prevent my makeup from looking cakey. Once the under eye area is set, I then go in with an under eye corrector.

I’ve tried a few in the past but never really noticed a huge difference and sometimes it even made my dark circles look worse.

The most important thing to take into consideration when choosing a color corrector is your own coloring. 

If you’re quite pale like me, then the best colors to stick with are salmon/peach shades. If you have a darker complexion then orange/red colors will work best for you.

I picked up the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector from CultBeauty  a few weeks ago and have been really loving it so far. The peachy pink shades are meant to neutralize the blue tones of dark circles and broken capillaries.

I like to apply it using my finger tips under my eyes and around the nose area where I tend to get a bit of redness. It’s creamy in texture at first but gets a little bit tacky under the eye which makes for a good base before applying concealer.






Step Two

After using the corrector I could already see a huge difference, it was much brighter and it took away a lot of the dark blue and purple tones.

To add more coverage I used the NYX Studio Photogenic concealer in shade CW 003 and applied this under my eyes in an upside down triangle shape. This will highlight the entire under eye area and lift the face to appear more fresh and awake.

I usually let my concealer sit for a minute or so and then blend with a beauty blender or using my ring finger as this applies the right amount of pressure. A rule of thumb is not to tug on the skin or to rub as this will undo the color correcting from earlier and can even age the skin. 


Step Three

Gently tap and pat the product into the skin and once the concealer is blended set the area with a loose setting powder using a small fluffy brush.

I picked up this brush from Real Techniques that does the job but you could probably get a cheaper alternative that would work well.

For extra coverage I used the W7 Banana Dreams setting powder and let it bake under my eyes for about 5 minutes and then dusted off the access with a large fluffy brush.

This will set your under eye makeup for the entire day and stop the product from moving around. 

w7-banana-dreams-loose-powderW7Bananadreamssetting powder.jpeg


Complete Makeup Look

I hope you all liked this review and maybe even learned a few things. If you have any more tips or tricks for tackling dark circles or any other makeup related tips please drop me a line below 🙂



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